Rob Speyer: Offices Of The Future Will “Look Like A Starbucks”

In his May 12 speech at the Global Alternative Investment Insights 2015 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Speyer predicted that the “office of today and tomorrow is going to look like a Starbucks,” which represents a “powerful culture shift” in the way people are using office space.

“People want to work more closely together,” Speyer said. “They like to work in teams, they want to collaborate, they want to have the same kind of energy that we feel at this conference. They want to connect. Now, this is a powerful culture shift.”

Speyer continued: “The corner office with the big windows and the beautiful view — that was the status symbol for our father’s generation. It’s not going to be for our children’s.”

Speyer also offered an example of how this trend is “sweeping the global industry.”

“We are building a contemporary warehouse building in a major city in the U.S and an old line consulting firm is looking to rent the whole thing,” he said. “This would’ve been unthinkable five years ago. That company would’ve only considered a typical office building with a glass façade, but times are changing.”

Watch a clip of Speyer’s speech below:

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