Technology Fueling Seoul’s Rise As A Leading “Smart City”

In a May 12 speech at the Global Alternative Investment Insights 2015 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Speyer noted that Seoul’s innovative use of technology is fueling its rise as one of the world’s leading “smart cities.”

Noting that Seoul “is the bandwidth capital of the world,” Speyer told attendees: “Your Internet is faster, more available, more used than in any city in the world. And soon it will be free from one end of Seoul to the other.”

Speyer also noted that “Seoul’s leadership extends well beyond the Internet, to things much more cutting edge – like the driverless car,” which is “going to revolutionize cities.”

“Right here in Seoul, all it would take is a half-million driverless cars to service the car needs of the entire population – 10 million people in this city,” said Speyer. “Imagine what that could mean for the environment, for traffic, for the common good.”

Watch a clip of Speyer’s speech below:


Visit Rob Speyer’s page on YouTube for more videos.

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