Rob Speyer and Transportation Experts Discuss NYC Transit Developments

Rob Speyer and several prominent transportation experts recently discussed the important role New York City’s transportation infrastructure plays in the region and how recent developments are driving even greater growth.

Speyer highlighted the extension of the Number 7 subway line to the West Side of Manhattan as an example of the city’s transportation infrastructure connecting people to previously underutilized neighborhoods.

“When service begins at this beautiful new station, it will mark the first city-funded expansion of New York’s subway system in 65 years,” Speyer said. “This accomplishment underscores the importance of our industry collaborating with government and leveraging resources to fund the transit system that we all rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Speyer and officials including MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast also noted continued work on the Second Avenue Subway line and the opening of the Fulton Street station as examples of projects allowing the city’s population to move more quickly and efficiently.

“New York’s future prosperity depends on its ability to move people,” Speyer said. “While it’s critical that we maintain our current system, we can’t stop there. We must also have the will to modernize and expand the network for an even greater tomorrow.”

Watch the rest of the video here.

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