Rob Speyer Discusses Development In Rio De Janeiro

At a recent event in Rio de Janiero unveiling Tishman Speyer’s Port Corporate Tower in the city’s Porto Maravilha area, Rob Speyer discussed the development issues in Rio and the critical need for political leadership to spark change and innovation.

During his remarks, Speyer praised the vision of Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes.

“Great cities aren’t born, and cities don’t stay great if they don’t embrace change and they don’t go through a constant process of reinvention,” Speyer said. “But change takes courage – great courage – especially from political leadership. And the type of political leaders come along maybe once in a generation that are willing to really push a city forward unafraid into the future. Rio is enjoying that moment right now under the leadership of Eduardo Paes.”

Watch Rob Speyer’s remarks at the event below:

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