Jerry Speyer & Rob Speyer Announce Acquisition Of Berlin’s Quartier 205

Tishman Speyer co-CEOs Jerry Speyer and Rob Speyer announced today that the company has acquired the Quartier 205 building located in the heart of Berlin.

“We are thrilled to once again be in ownership of Quartier 205, a building that we originally developed to serve as a dynamic mixed-use experience comprising working, living and shopping in the historical center of Berlin,” said Jerry Speyer and Rob Speyer. “This acquisition also constitutes our re-engagement with the Berlin real estate market, where we began over 25 years ago, and we look forward to widening our presence in this vital city in the years to come.”

Designed by the architect Oswald Mathias Ungers, Tishman Speyer originally developed and built the property following the fall of the Berlin Wall.  It was completed in 1995 and contains 52,500 square meters of office, retail and residential space.

Rob Speyer: Ladders For Leaders Demonstrates “Power Of Public-Private Partnerships To Create An Even Greater New York”

On July 23, Mayor de Blasio, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and the Department of Youth & Community announced that the city has more than doubled the number of positions available through this summer’s Ladders for Leaders program, which has provided paid internships to young New Yorkers since 2006.

This year, Ladders for Leaders has provided more than 1,000 New York City youth between the ages of 16 and 21 with professional internships, up from 475 in 2014. The effort was fueled by more than $2.2 million in financial support from private employers who responded to the city’s call for action.

Companies from across a variety of sectors in New York City, from financial services companies including Bank of America to major businesses such as Tishman Speyer, are hosting interns this summer.

“Tishman Speyer is proud to support the Ladders for Leaders program and to welcome a new group of exceptional interns this summer,” said Rob Speyer. “The tremendous success of the Ladders for Leaders program is yet another example of the power of public-private partnerships to create an even greater New York.”



Rob Speyer Explains Why Rockefeller Center Is A “Happy Building”

In his prepared keynote address to the Urban Land Institute’s Urban Leader Summit in Frankfurt, Germany, Rob Speyer told attendees that Rockefeller Center represents a “happy building” because “more than just joining bricks with mortar, it connects people with other people.”

“So what makes Rockefeller Center so happy?” Speyer asked the summit’s audience. “It’s not the architecture, though the design is stunning. And it’s not the priceless artwork embedded in the Indiana limestone. It’s not Atlas. It’s not Prometheus. It’s the people there and the reason they come.”

Speyer continued: “Some come to work. Others come to ice skate, or to see the Christmas tree, or to go ballroom dancing or watch a show or eat at one of the great restaurants. In other words people from New York and from around the world come to Rockefeller Center to work and to have fun. And to connect. And all of this on top of one of the city’s busiest subway stops.”

“Rockefeller Center is happy because more than just joining bricks with mortar, it connects people with other people,” he noted. “And those 2-and-a-half-billion people coming to our cities are going to look for happy buildings that connect them with each other.”

Speyer added that while Tishman Speyer is “lucky to own” Rockefeller Center, the “brilliance of the original vision” belongs to the Rockefeller family.

“They bet their entire family fortune, at the depth of the Great Depression, and set the standard for mixed-use development we use today — 80 years later,” Speyer said of the Rockefellers. “Described another way, they connected before connectivity was cool – or even a word.”


Global Cities: The Developer’s Perspective by Rob Speyer

Video: Rob Speyer’s speech at the 2015 Global Alternative Investment Insights Conference

Jerry Speyer & Rob Speyer Announce Acquisition Of D.C. Properties For Redevelopment

Jerry Speyer and Rob Speyer announced on July 7 that Tishman Speyer has acquired adjoining properties in Washington D.C.’s central business district. The properties, located at 2020 and 2030 M St. NW, will be redeveloped in two phases.

“Tishman Speyer has had a major presence in the nation’s capital for many years, and that will be the case for years ahead,” Jerry Speyer and Rob Speyer said in a statement. “We continue to look for opportunities to develop world-class office properties around the globe, and we are currently active in major cities across four continents.  As the portfolio grows, the firm is providing notable companies with the space they need to do business, often in multiple locations.”

The properties will accommodate a new D.C. bureau for CBS as well as a multiple-tenant office building, and both will be designed and built for LEED certification. Redevelopment of the properties is expected to begin in 2016 and be completed in 2019.

To read more visit:

Rob Speyer: Offices Of The Future Will “Look Like A Starbucks”

In his May 12 speech at the Global Alternative Investment Insights 2015 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Speyer predicted that the “office of today and tomorrow is going to look like a Starbucks,” which represents a “powerful culture shift” in the way people are using office space.

“People want to work more closely together,” Speyer said. “They like to work in teams, they want to collaborate, they want to have the same kind of energy that we feel at this conference. They want to connect. Now, this is a powerful culture shift.”

Speyer continued: “The corner office with the big windows and the beautiful view — that was the status symbol for our father’s generation. It’s not going to be for our children’s.”

Speyer also offered an example of how this trend is “sweeping the global industry.”

“We are building a contemporary warehouse building in a major city in the U.S and an old line consulting firm is looking to rent the whole thing,” he said. “This would’ve been unthinkable five years ago. That company would’ve only considered a typical office building with a glass façade, but times are changing.”

Watch a clip of Speyer’s speech below:

Rob Speyer Praises Seoul For Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

In his May 12 speech at the Global Alternative Investment Insights 2015 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Speyer praised Seoul city planners for their commitment to environmental sustainability efforts that have enhanced livability for residents, citing the city’s Cheonggyecheon Stream restoration project.

“Technology is terrific, but technology without livability is just science fiction,” Speyer said. “The future is not about machines, its about us — and cleaning our environment, making cities more livable is also going to make them more human.”

Speyer commended Seoul’s government for its focus on restoring the Cheonggyecheon Stream area. He acknowledged that while the project had “political, economic, cultural” challenges, city planners “persevered” and “came up with a solution that is now a template across Korea.”

The Cheonggyecheon Stream project dramatically transformed Seoul’s central business district by removing a 10-lane highway, creating a new park and green space and restoring a stream that had been decimated by pollution. The newly restored stream and park opened to the public in October 2005.

“Used to be that people living in that neighborhood had twice the incidents of respiratory problems than people anywhere else in the city,” Speyer said. “Now, they can breathe again. Pollution has been reduced 35 percent, property values are up, tourism is up.   This project has created a true, virtuous cycle for Seoul.”

Watch a clip of Speyer’s speech below:

See more at Rob Speyer’s YouTube Channel.

Rob Speyer: Technology Fueling Seoul’s Rise As A Leading “Smart City”

In a May 12 speech at the Global Alternative Investment Insights 2015 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, Rob Speyer noted that Seoul’s innovative use of technology is fueling its rise as one of the world’s leading “smart cities.”

Noting that Seoul “is the bandwidth capital of the world,” Speyer told attendees: “Your Internet is faster, more available, more used than in any city in the world. And soon it will be free from one end of Seoul to the other.”

Speyer also noted that “Seoul’s leadership extends well beyond the Internet, to things much more cutting edge – like the driverless car,” which is “going to revolutionize cities.”

“Right here in Seoul, all it would take is a half-million driverless cars to service the car needs of the entire population – 10 million people in this city,” said Speyer. “Imagine what that could mean for the environment, for traffic, for the common good.”

Watch a clip of Speyer’s speech below:


Visit Rob Speyer’s page on YouTube for more videos.

Rob Speyer & Jerry Speyer Ranked 9th On Commercial Observer’s Power 100

Rob Speyer and Jerry Speyer were recently ranked No. 9 on the Commercial Observer’s annual Power 100 list.

The Tishman Speyer Co-CEOs were praised for their continued global expansion over the past year with new acquisitions and developments in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and London, among other international cities. In particular, the Commercial Observer highlighted plans for a 2.85-million-square-foot tower at the Hudson Yards in New York City and a 103,500-square-foot office and retail building in Central London.

As the Commercial Observer noted, under the leadership of Rob and Jerry Speyer, Tishman Speyer now owns more than 98 million square feet of property around the world.

Read more at the Commercial Observer.

Rob Speyer Announces China Life and Ping An As Investors in Boston’s Pier 4 Project

This week, Tishman Speyer Co-CEO Rob Speyer announced China Life Insurance Group and Ping An Insurance Company as co-investors in Tishman Speyer’s development of Pier 4 in Boston’s Seaport District.

“Tishman Speyer has been an active investor and developer in China for more than a decade,” said Speyer. “In that time, we have forged strong, productive relationships with both China Life and Ping An. We are really pleased that they have chosen to join us on this project.”

The waterfront development will include a one-acre public park, a nine-story residential building and a 13-story office tower. Both buildings will include ground floor retail/restaurant space and are expected to obtain LEED gold certification.

This partnership marks the first time China Life and Ping An, China’s two biggest insurance companies, have made equity investments in American real estate and have invested in real estate outside of China.

Read more on Tishman Speyer’s history in China in The Wall Street Journal.

Rob Speyer Announces Porto Maravilha As Site Of Tishman Speyer’s First Residential Project In Rio

Tishman Speyer President and Co-CEO Rob Speyer announced Friday that Port Maravilha will be the site of the company’s first residential development project in Rio de Janiero.

The multifamily property, which will be named Lumina Rio after Tishman Speyer’s Lumina residential development in San Francisco, will consist of four towers. The first tower, which will have 360 for-sale units, is expected to be completed two years after the city grants approvals for the venture.

“We have great confidence in the long-term vitality of Brazil as Latin America’s economic powerhouse,” Speyer said. “Likewise, Rio de Janeiro is one of the region’s greatest cities and we are pleased to help meet the market demand for high-quality, well-located housing with this project.”

Lumina Rio will not be Tishman Speyer’s first foray into Brazil’s real estate market. Tishman Speyer first established operations in Brazil in 1995 and has more than 20 projects in pre-development, construction or operation throughout the country. This includes Ventura Corporate Towers, a 1.1 million-square-foot office complex in Rio de Janiero and 8.6 million feet of residential and office development in Sao Paulo.


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